Seminars are presented by Vicki Sharp, NALP, CAPS, CDPM.

A wise person once said "If you think training is expensive, try ignorance"  Others have said that we never want the courtroom to become our classroom.  Both have merit! 

Zig Zigler said it best, "We know that training doesn't last.  Neither does bathing.  That's why we recommend it daily!"

We have mentioned that Vicki has many years of “on the ground” property management experience, both at the on-site and supervisory levels.  She relates well to her audiences because of this experience, and always slants her training sessions to the "nuts and bolts" of the industry, with strong emphasis on people skills.

By presenting the information in a humorous and thought provoking way, Vicki considers her seminars to be “entertraining”, which has been proven to enhance the students’ ability to learn.  By building on the basics of property management, and sharing real-life scenarios, she always relates her training back to improving the community NOI. 

Named “Educator of the Year” by the Austin Apartment Association, Vicki firmly believes in the need to provide consistent, on-going training for all employee levels.  With that in mind, she has created seminars that are targeted to both maintenance and on-site management levels, as well as specialized programs to hone the skills of your senior staff.

Seminar Listings for 2017

Most seminars are set for a 3-hour, half-day program.  This allows you to provide double impact training in the same day, by scheduling repeat classes, so that properties can send all of their employees, or different classes that will appeal to different groups.  We are very flexible and will work with you to provide the best training sessions for the most affordable cost.

NEW!!!  "The Middle Child of the Multifamily Industry"
(Specialized Training for Assistant Managers)

This session will focus on typical duties of the Assistant Manager, including rent collection, lease renewals and stepping into the Manager's role, when needed.

There will be significant discussion about managing the team, as the second in command at the site. We will chat about personality traits, and how to apply these to the team and the residents, as well as handling the irate or distressed customer. There will be emphasis on the importance of timely rent collection and of renewing leases, along with a discussion on property inspections and the handling of security deposits. We will share a great timeline to use to "snag" those renewals, even with a rent increase!

Lastly, we will talk about moving up the "ladder" in our industry, along with sharing thoughts and ideas on what it means to have a successful career in property management.

"Fair Housing
for the Office Team"

This session will provide a quick review of the 7 Federally Protected Classes, and will then focus on communications with prospects, residents and team members. We will talk about the need for specific documentation, and what to do when a claim is filed. Additionally, we will discuss how a Fair Housing claim can also become a Sexual Harassment claim.

Most importantly, we will focus on the newest issues, including emotional support animals, and the new criminal background standards. Finally, we will talk about a couple of real cases and their outcomes.

"Fair Housing for the Maintenance Team"

One of the most popular sessions, this is geared specifically to maintenance personnel. Managers should attend, as well, to hear about the issues from the maintenance perspective, and to facilitate follow up.

As with the office team, we will provide an overview of the 7 Federally Protected Classes, followed by focusing the discussion from the maintenance point of view. This will include make ready standards, how to prioritize and work the service orders and how to talk to residents. We will also discuss the importance of detailed documentation, from both the Fair Housing and the collection of damages perspectives.

Additionally, we will talk about how a Fair Housing claim can also become a Sexual Harassment claim, as well. Lastly, we will present examples of actual cases involving maintenance personnel, and how they could have been avoided.

"Leasing 101 - An Introduction to our Industry, and the Entry Level Leasing Position"

This is truly geared towards the folks who are not familiar with our business, and will start at square one.

We will do a quick overview of Fair Housing, and then talk about the responsibilities of the Leasing Agent. Next, we will discuss telephone and internet skills, greeting and qualifying and property demonstration. This is followed by sharing closing techniques and prospect follow up.

Lastly, we will talk about career paths available in the industry.

"Power Leasing - How to Power Up Your Leasing Skills"

This session is geared to the leasing and management folks who have some experience, but need that push into the next level.

There will be a quick self-assessment for the attendee, using the SWOT (Successes, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) method. Then, we will go into detailed discussions about the first point of contact, through the entire leasing process.

We will share terrific model and mini-model ides, and how to use these to close the deal. There will be a short discussion about upgrades, and when they are appropriate.

We will follow with real-life examples of qualifying criteria, and a discussion about the new service/emotional support animal and criminal background challenges.

Lastly, we will spend some time on closing, follow up and transitioning the prospect into the resident.

"I Can't Compete with THAT! - Yes You Can"

In this session, we will discuss how to compete with the new construction communities in your area. Attendees will get a great list of cost effective upgrades to consider for their apartment homes and common areas.

We will discuss how to use your market survey to decide if upgrades are warranted. Then we will talk about what upgrades might produce the best "bang for your buck".

Next, attendees will learn how to sell the idea to the owner, and how to market upgraded apartment homes against the new construction properties. We will even share ideas on how to get residents to pay for them!

This session includes some great Property Management Finance 101 techniques, and attendees will walk away with a worksheet to use to evaluate all upgrades.

"Managing Conflict - Within the Team, With Vendors and With Your Customers"

We've heard it said that property management would be a great business if it wasn't for the employees and the residents!  Conflict exists in all that we do.  Since we can never get rid of conflict, we need to learn how to manage it.  This session will provide attendees with tried and true techniques to create a positive workplace, to work with a disgruntled employee, and most importantly, how to calm an angry resident.

This session is for anyone who may deal with other team members, residents, or vendors.  Session takeaways include understanding why conflict arises, how to recognize the signs of conflict early on, and how to diffuse potentially bad situations.

"AWESOME Resident Service"
(Management and Maintenance Editions)

Resident Service is the lifeblood of property management.  Great resident service will result in more satisfaction and reduced turnover, which will save money for your community.  These management and maintenance team targeted sessions will concentrate on how to meet and exceed the expectations of your residents every day. 

As a bonus, we will talk about providing good customer service to your employees, as they are your customers as well.  If you take great care of your employees, they will take great care of your residents!

"Love 'Em, Don't Lose 'Em - Resident Retention"
(Management and Maintenance Editions)

These separate sessions will focus on specific areas of management and maintenance.  Management employees at all levels will learn about the cost of turnover, and why resident service is the most important thing they can do to improve the NOI.  These attendees will walk away with a list of ways they can provide exceptional resident service, and will hear ideas to go the extra mile to get or keep a resident.

Maintenance employees and supervisors will leave the session with the same skills as the management teams, but will learn about them from the maintenance perspective.  They will learn about the importance of a perfect make ready, and get great ideas to prove their worth to the residents.

Both sessions concentrate on great resident service, along with on-going follow up tips that are required for building relationships with your residents.  As a special bonus, we will talk about how to calculate and sell rent increases while keeping your residents.

Everyone knows that turnover is a financial burden, but attendees will walk away with a greater understanding of the importance of keeping the residents they have.  Both management and maintenance attendees will learn about the cost of turnover, and will learn ways to meld customer service, minor upgrades, and how going the extra mile will result in higher resident retention.  They will even learn how to use a cost of moving chart to keep residents in their homes.

"The Pointy End of the Spear - A Lesson in Leadership"

Being a leader is much more than being the "Boss". This session is geared to the Community and Regional Manager, as well as those who want to move into a leadership role. It is also very good for the local owner whose employees report directly to them.

There will be a quick discussion about the differences between a "Boss" and a "Leader", followed by demonstrations as to why leadership works better.

Millennial employees provide unique skills, but also bring unique challenges. We will chat about their hot buttons, and how to get the most from them in the workplace.

Lastly, we will talk about reprimands and rewards that work. Attendees will leave with a list of ideas for individual and team motivation.

"Don't Let the Bed Bugs Bite!"

This half-day session will provide attendees with an understanding of how to recognize bed bug activity, how bed bugs get into the apartment homes, and how they travel between units.  We will talk about the most up to date treatments available for this growing problem.

At the end of the session, attendees will be able to recognize bed bug activity, know how to talk to residents who are experiencing bed bugs, and learn ways to reduce and/or eliminate bed bugs.

"Lunch ‘N Learn"

We also offer short, 20-30 minute classes called  Lunch 'N Learn.  These sessions maintain the energy during the lunch break.

Where Did My Day Go? - Time Management
Just for Suppliers – Understanding Property Managers
Humorous keynote about the industry

Need a session on a different topic?  

Just call!  We are happy to work up training sessions based on your needs.  

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